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A premiere for the Republic of Moldova – Bardar launches the oak bottle that ages the divin

Bardar Winery, one of the top 3 largest divin producers in Moldova, is launching for the first time in our country the oak bottle that ages the divin.

Bardar Winery is keeping up with the latest trends in production and design for spirits. Today, Bardar has launched a limited series of divin in oak bottles, made from the Quercus Eilirpa species, which was planted in 1929.

The Bardar Quercus Eilirpa bottle transforms any divin with potential into a true taste spectacle. The new product has been crafted for almost two years. Any divin lover could now have a piece of noble oak in their own collection to age the nectar of the gods in home conditions. The bottles can be appreciated for their classic design, as well as their durability – being very practical, unique, and resistant. Bardar has launched the bottles in a limited edition of only 500 units. Each person can age the divin as much as they desire. The oak bottle imitates the barrel and offers us a premium aspect that keeps the intensity of the entire bouquet of flavors intact.

Divin lovers will discover an extraordinary taste with hints of rose and dried fruits, blending the aroma of blooming vine with autumnal oak. Bardar divin will stand out with a smooth, harmonious taste, with delicate hints of chocolate and vanilla, as well as a luxurious amber color. The quality of the oak wood and internal humidity are fundamental for the final product. In this regard, Bardar will offer divin lovers the opportunity to age their divin as much as they desire and to give it a longer life.

“In an era of speed and great changes, Bardar comes with something new for spirit collectors. The exclusive series of Bardar Quercus Eilirpa bottles is made from oak wood from the Quercus Eilirpa species, a rare species. It will be an elegant and unique product. We are happy to surprise you every time,” declared Bardar Director, Mihai Duca.


In 1929, a German entrepreneur named Muller laid the foundation of what is now Bardar Winery, building a small distillery in the BARDAR commune. By the 1940s, the small distillery had already turned into a true factory for the production of distillates and wines. At present, Bardar Winery is among the top 3 divin producers in the Republic of Moldova. The Bardar company produces Divin – wine distillates, aged 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years.


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