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A truth in today’s context”: Bardar has found a cellar with brandy over 80 years old

During the renovation works of the Bardar factory, an old stone cellar dating back to 1929 and built by the German entrepreneur Müller was unearthed. This was confirmed by Austrian archaeologist Gol Oehra, invited to Moldova by Bardar Winery to conduct research, according to a press release sent by the company. “There are some galleries, some intersecting tunnels. They have a length of about 100 meters. We still need to see how we can preserve these vestiges and make a decision regarding their protection. So much patience in preserving a brandy, I don’t think anyone could have. It’s clear that Müller wanted to leave us a treasure, and he succeeded wonderfully,” said Mihai Duca, director of Bardar Winery, adding that: “this discovery is a truth in today’s context.” Meanwhile, Bardar Winery management also announces the organization of a sensational tasting event to be held in the historic cellar. “It’s an old brandy, made according to Müller’s technology. And for us, it was curious to taste it and realize that its flavor is of high quality and harmonious, that it has perfected over the years and has become a complex bouquet of aromas. Which is why we decided that this brandy must remain engraved in the memory of others,” mentioned Vitalie Iovu, head of the production section. In 1929, the German entrepreneur Müller founded Bardar Winery and built a small distillery in the village of Bardar. In the 1940s, the small distillery evolved into a true factory for the production of spirits and wines. Today, Bardar Winery ranks among the top producers of brandies in Moldova.


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